Marabu Cares

Marabu and its employees are altering day to day routines to share their time, talent and resources to support our customers and our community in this time of need. We believe we have a responsibility to give back and help ensure we all get through this unprecedented crisis together.

Hand Sanitizer

Marabu is responding to the urgent need for hand sanitizers by modifying our production facility to produce our own Mara Disinfect.

Mara Disinfect is a no rinse hand and surface disinfectant.
Get a case of Mara Disinfect for just $52!

While supplies last.

Complimentary Creative Kits for Kids

Marabu Creative is distributing free Home Art Kits for households with children in the Charleston, SC area.

Supporting Hospitals & Patients

Marabu Inks delivered our self-produced disinfectant, thousands of breathing masks and hundreds of painters for the little patients at a regional hospital.